Assurance of Grace and Salvation

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The believer’s assurance of continuing grace and salvation rests on the promises and faithfulness of God. God has promised to all his people a full and free redemption in Christ Jesus, accompanied by the gift of eternal life. In addition, God promises that all whom he calls to inherit the heavenly kingdom will be kept secure by his almighty power until the day of final redemption.

God, who is faithful to all his promises, and whose gifts and calling are irrevocable, has covenanted to bring every regenerated and justified believer into the place his Son has prepared for them in heaven. God cannot change, nor can he prove unfaithful to his word. Therefore, this promise of final redemption cannot fail of accomplishment. This is the believer’s assurance in this life, and his certain hope for the life to come.

Redemption—the Ground of Assurance

The assurance of salvation and of life eternal should be the experience of every child of God. However, for various reasons, and under differing circumstances, we may lack this assurance. At times, we may even doubt the reality of our salvation. Nevertheless, if we possess the indwelling Holy Spirit, then we are the children of God. As such, our temporary lack of assurance in no way diminishes from the fact that God will keep us secure in Christ until he has completed our salvation in glory. Our conviction of our assurance may vary with our personal experiences. Even so, the ground of our assurance—namely, the redemption secured by Christ on our behalf—makes the reality of our final redemption absolutely certain. (2 Cor. 4:7–5:9; 2 Tim. 4:18; 1 John 5:11-13)

[Excerpt from New Testament Expository Notes: Assurance of Grace and Salvation. To read or download the full version of these Notes, click on the Bible Doctrines menu tab above.]



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