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Preface to NT Expository Notes

The NT Expository Notes (or commentaries) presented on this website are the first in a series of New Testament expositions. God willing, I hope to be able to produce further Notes in the future, which will then become available to the reader. It is my earnest prayer and heartfelt desire that God’s name should be glorified in the opening of his own inerrant, living and eternal Word. I earnestly pray, too, that the people of God should be edified and strengthened in their most holy faith.

By prayerful and prolonged consideration of these matters, I have attempted to provide a reasonably straightforward explanation of the text. However, I have no desire to enter into textual discussion with which I am not competent to deal. Sometimes, such discussions fail to edify and benefit the average reader. To the best of my ability, I have attempted to open God’s Word of truth so that the reader may feed on the bread of life—not on learned comments, however appropriate in their place. To this end, these Expository Notes cannot in any sense be compared with the works of competent and learned scholars. I offer them only as a suggestive, practical and devotional explanation of the Scriptural text. For a more thorough study of the Biblical text, the reader should consult the works of appropriate and godly scholars.

Let each one judge for himself or herself whether these Notes are of any value to the soul. If so, I would humbly ask that glory be given to God, who—by his Holy Spirit—has guided his servant in writing these Notes for the edification of his Church.

Now let us offer our worship and praise to the God who has loved us with an everlasting love. Let us exalt the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, who has secured for us an eternal redemption through repentance and faith. Let us thank and praise his name too, for giving to us his Holy Spirit by whom we have received regeneration, and through whom we are now being sanctified. Let us, then, praise and honour the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—by whose grace we have received eternal salvation.

Your servant in Christ our Lord and Redeemer

Gordon Lyons

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