Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationships

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Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationships

Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationships

Gordon Lyons

Table of Contents

  • Finding a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  • Is Our Choice God’s Choice?
  • Relationships are Built on Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Do not Lust After her Beauty
  • Our Body is Not for Sexual Immorality
  • Developing Our Relationship
  • Laying the Right Foundation
  • Infatuation is Not Love
  • Do We Share Important Principles and Interests?
  • How Much do we Really have in Common?
  • How do We Handle Our Disagreements?
  • Getting to Know About One Another
  • A Time and A Place
  • A Matter of Prayer
  • Discerning God’s Choice
  • Character Mirrors the Man or Woman
  • Committed to Courtship with Honour
  • Showing Kindness and Consideration
  • Memories to Treasure
  • Expressing Affection
  • Right and Wrong Conduct During Courtship
  • Courtship is a Relationship Between Two Special Friends
  • Marriage Privileges are Not for Courtship
  • Dealing with Natural Desires During Courtship
  • Something Natural can Still be Sinful
  • Who Will Cast the First Stone?
  • It’s Too Late to Tell Me Now!
  • Confess to Each Other
  • But My Sin is More Serious
  • Cleanse Me, Lord!
  • God’s Promise
  • Our Responsibility
  • This is God’s Standard
  • The Intimacy of True Friendship
  • No Guidance without Commitment

Read or download:

Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationships

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