Commitments of Baptism

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Commitments of Believers Baptism

The Commitments of Believer’s Baptism

 Introducing the personal commitments and responsibilities associated with baptism and Christian living.

A Guide for Young Christians of All Ages!

Gordon Lyons


The Commitments of Believer’s Baptism

1.    We are full members of God’s Church

2.    We acknowledge that, as Christ died for sin, so we die to sin

3.    Our old lives have been buried with our Saviour

4    We are dead to sin and alive to God

5.    Pursuing only the aims that God sets for us

6    God has always known us

7.    We are raised with Christ, and for Christ we now live

8.    We are raised to a life of active service

9.    We are soldiers of the Cross

10.  We are God’s Temple

11.   We are a people apart

12.   Telling others what we know

13.   We are to teach

14.   Studying the Word, and praying in The Spirit

15.   Holding fast the truth of The Word

16.   Committed to Christ

Read or download:

Commitments of Believers Baptism


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