Predestination of the Elect

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Predestination of the elect (otherwise known as election) is the unalterable purpose of God—decreed from before the creation of the world—in choosing out of fallen mankind certain individuals to inherit salvation through faith in Christ. In this way, God would deliver these individuals from the bondage of sin, and from his just and holy wrath and curse on sinful mankind.

Election is not founded on God’s foreknowledge, but on his own sovereign will and pleasure. All those whom God has elected from eternity, are—in process of time— effectually called or drawn to Christ, from whom they receive all the benefits of salvation. This salvation, together with the ability to repent and believe of one’s own free will, is freely bestowed upon them as a gift of God’s grace.

None, except the elect, can inherit the kingdom of God. However, since God will gather his elect from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation, the gospel is to be preached to all mankind without distinction of persons.

[Excerpt from Bible Truths Explained: Predestination. Read or download the full version of this Bible Doctrine from the relevant page on this website.]

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